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Care, Coordinate, Cook

CaringMeals.com is a free service that helps you coordinate meals for your friends and family in their time of need:

  • Birth
  • Illness or Injury
  • Bereavement
  • Weekly meetings
  • Need for encouragement and support
  • Hospice

Key Features of CaringMeals:

  • Secure - Only people you authorize can view private information.
  • Social - See what your friends are doing, and add new friends to your network.
  • Connected - Post comments, receive reminders, and send private messages.
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Look What Others Are Saying!

Hi, Just wanted to send a note saying I love your site. I was new to our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group and church and cried when ladies I didn't even know yet brought me meals. Since then, I've enjoyed sharing meals with other families from my church. Having an infant and a toddler, there aren't many ministries I can participate in, but this one is wonderful!

- Loretta

I love CaringMeals and have used it countless times over the last year. Thank you so much for setting this up! It is truly a life-saver, many times over for families with new babies, people in mourning, and even for families left behind while a loved one is jailed. This website has impacted the lives of so many people. Thank you!

- Kate California

What a completely AMAZING tool - thank you so much for sharing this ~ what an extraordinary amount of lives you are touching through this site! The coordination of meals is easy and the plan allows for the recipients in need to receive food consistently and without duplication. Genious idea - thanks for taking on the task and for being so giving as to share it with the rest of us wishing to pay it forward, as they say! : )

- Tara Wisconsin

I just wanted to THANK YOU for this wonderful tool. I have manually coordinated so many meals over the years and this is just a God send. It is such a blessing to our community.

- Regina California

You have taken the stress out of meal coordinating for me as I help new moms in my MOPS group. What a blessing your service is. Thank you!

- Julie Washington