Take a moment to learn about some of the great features and benefits of CaringMeals!


The CaringMeals Friends are the foundation of our security system. The people listed on your Friends List can view your plans or your profile information (phone, email, etc.). If a user who is not on your Friend list tries to view any of your data, they must send you a friend request, which you can confirm or deny.

To summarize, we take the following security precautions:

  • By default, no one can see your private data. By adding and removing friends, you can specifically control access to your data.
  • Your password is encrypted so that no one (not even us) can view it.
  • We take all measures to prevent unauthorized access to our database.
  • We do not share your data with any 3rd party organizations.


Sometimes, you need a helping hand. If you ever have a question or comment, no matter how simple, just contact us - We would be excited to help you along. Every interaction with you, our users, helps make the site even better.


Just like facebook or twitter, you can view all your friends' activity on a single page. Find friends who need meals, meet new friends, and keep up on the latest comments. Its another way CaringMeals makes coordinating meals easy and fun.


CaringMeals keeps your group connected throughout the entire meal coordinating process:
  • Send email invitations asking friends to help bring meals.
  • Send messages to other CaringMeals users.
  • Receive email notification before the meal date.
  • Post comments for all to see.
  • Describe what you are cooking/bringing so that others can plan accordingly.


CaringMeals also allows you to search for plans on the site. If the visitor wants to view the details and the plan is not public, they will be asked to send a friend request to the coordinator asking for permission to view the data.

Instead of an impossible to remember URL like:

you can choose an easy to remember URL such as


You can share it with others at a meeting, or tell someone over the phone how to bring meals.

You will see your friends' names listed all over CaringMeals. Simply click on a name, and you can view their phone number or send an email message. You can even see a list of your friends' friends, allowing you to quickly build up a large list of friends without ever typing an email address. Then, when it is your turn to coordinate meals, you already have a list of people to invite!