Privacy Policy


Date of last revision: March 28th, 2009.

CaringMeals is designed to make it easy to coordinate meals for friends and family. To connect you with the CaringMeals site and your friends, we collect Personally Identifiable information such as name, email address, and phone number. We understand you do not want everyone to have the information you share on CaringMeals, so we have given you control over who can see your information.

Information We Collect

When you visit CaringMeals, you provide us with two types of information: personal information you knowingly choose to disclose, and Web Site usage information collected by us as you interact with our Web Site.

When you register with CaringMeals, you provide us with certain personal information, such as your name, your email address, your telephone number, and any other personal or preference information that you provide to us.

When you invite someone to CaringMeals, you provide their Email address, so that we can contact them and invite them to visit the site. This email is stored in our database.

When you use CaringMeals, you may create plans (meal schedules), bring meals, send messages, add friends, and perform searches. We collect this information so that we can provide you the service and offer personalized features. In most cases, we retain it so that, for instance, you can return to recently viewed plans.

Information Visibility

Visibility to personal information is controlled by the "friend" system. Only your friends can see your contact information (Email, Phone, etc.). Users not listed on your friend list cannot view your profile. Unless you create a "Public" plan, only people on your friend list can view Plans that you create and meals you schedule. This protects any personal information on the Plan page.

Information Use

Your email address and other personal information is never shared with any third party. The only people who can view your email address are your friends (See "Information Visibility").

Your email address is used to contact you with alerts and notifications about activity on For instance, if you are signed up to bring a meal, the site will send you an email reminder shortly before your meal date.


We take all precautions to prevent unauthorized access to our database.